Value-based Surgery Benefits Advance Consumerism and Employee Engagement

By Shane Stone, Senior VP of Sales Read More →

Huzzah for HHS Nominee Azar!

We applaud HHS secretary nominee Alex Azar for certain comments earlier this month. In testimony before the Senate Finance Committee, Azar supported mandatory bundled payment models in Medicare. Read More →

Employers Armed With Innovative Weaponry Take Aim at High-Cost, Low-Quality Healthcare

By Jesse Gomez, Executive VP of Sales & Marketing Read More →

In 2018, Businesses Face Biggest Cost Hike in Years. What to Do?

By Mark Stadler, President & CEO  Read More →

Disintermediation and Constructive Disruption in U.S. Healthcare

By Jesse Gomez, Executive VP of Sales & Marketing Read More →

"Dantotsu" Can Pave Way to Better, Lower-Cost Healthcare for Plan Sponsors

By Mark Stadler, President & CEO Read More →

Value-based Surgery Benefits Improve U.S. Healthcare

By Mark Stadler, President & CEO Read More →

Healthcare Cost Outlook for 2017

Healthcare benefit costs are expected to increase 6% for large employers in the United States in 2017 according to a recent annual survey conducted by National Business Group on Health [1]. Many of the 133 employers surveyed for this study plan to make… Read More →

Quality Care and Patient Outcomes in the United States

Costs associated with major planned procedures have not only skyrocketed but also varied greatly. Accordingly, traditional PPO costs have risen dramatically—for both plan sponsors and members. To offset these increases, it has often meant a trade-off in… Read More →

Rising Surgical Costs and How to Contain Them

The cost of surgical procedures in the United States continues to soar and seemingly sporadically rise. Stanford Health Care reported that 48 million surgical inpatient procedures were performed in the United States in 2009 [6], and that number continues… Read More →
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