Healthcare Cost and Quality Changes Based on Where You Are

Location, location, location. That saying is ubiquitous in the real estate industry but could just as easily be applied to healthcare. Why? Because two variables critical to healthcare decision making, cost and quality, are largely determined by where… Read More →

Why Network-based Healthcare Costs Are a Major Consumer Vulnerability

A Texas schoolteacher was in his own city, in his own home, when he had a heart attack in 2017. Yet when he returned home after a successful surgery, his health insurance company said that he owed them $108,951 — all because the neighbor who rescued him… Read More →

How Do You Choose the Best Doctor?

Whether you’re an employer investigating physicians in a new health network, or an employee looking for the right network doctor, you might turn to Healthgrades, Vitals, or Yelp like many consumers. In fact, 69 percent of consumers select or avoid… Read More →

Why is Healthcare Quality Important?

Medical mistakes in hospitals are the third leading cause of death in the United States.1 In fact, an American College of Surgeons study found that 8.9 percent of surgeons said they’d made a medical error in the last three months, and 1.5 percent said… Read More →

An Aging Workforce Can Mean Higher Surgery Costs

As people live and stay active longer, you can expect more older people than ever in the workplace over the next four decades, and this can equate to an exponential rise in healthcare costs for plan sponsors. As AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins pointed out, when… Read More →

Value-based Surgery Benefits Enable Employers to Help Cash-strapped Workers Get Needed Surgeries

Here are the troubling facts: 60 percent of bankruptcies are due to medical bills. Despite having year-round insurance coverage, 10 million Americans ages 19-64 face medical bills they cannot pay.1 About 15 percent of people say that at least once in the… Read More →

Provider Quality Counts in Choosing a Surgery Benefits Program

By Mark Stadler, President & CEO Read More →

Value-based Surgery Benefits Advance Consumerism and Employee Engagement

By Shane Stone, Senior VP of Sales Read More →

Huzzah for HHS Nominee Azar!

We applaud HHS secretary nominee Alex Azar for certain comments earlier this month. In testimony before the Senate Finance Committee, Azar supported mandatory bundled payment models in Medicare. Read More →

Employers Armed With Innovative Weaponry Take Aim at High-Cost, Low-Quality Healthcare

By Jesse Gomez, Executive VP of Sales & Marketing Read More →
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